Childbirth: Empowered & Naturally Prepared

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Childbirth: Empowered & Naturally Prepared

Topics can be mixed from another series to specialize for a pregnant mom's needs or concerns

Educational Materials & Features

GRANDMAMA LENA: Traditional Knowledge & Ancient Wisdom:

My grandmama never taught me about birth being painful. Beginning when I was 8 years old, she taught me how to prepare to be strong for labor and how women had to eat healthfully. And most importantly she said that walking was essential in strength preparation for having a baby naturally.

Grandmama Lena taught from her experience of having seven babies of her own at home, naturally, and with the assistance of midwives. She taught me that midwives didn't always make it in time and that the birthing women was powerful and that it took strength: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically to naturally manage birth.  And she added, with the forces of God and spiritual guidance to accomplish the desired goal.

When I became pregnant with my first child at the age of 18 years old, at my first and second doctor visits I was told that I would have to have a c-section because my pelvic bones were too small and I wouldn't be able to open up. Instantly I felt fear and a sense of defeat, and wondered, what was wrong with me.  

I called my grandmother often after those doctor visits and listened to her stories again of birthing and her strong belief in a higher power.  Listening to her was very comforting. She would stop speaking for moments to read verses in the Bible and hummed as she paused before speaking again. it provided me with the confidence of knowing that having a natural childbirth was the best thing for myself and my baby.

Instilling fear in women and demeaning them, or telling them that pain is to be expected and accepted sets women up to believe that they are somehow deserving of pain, that their bodies are not honored or sacred and that they are victims who need to be rescured after being tortured, just for having a baby.  

In 1975 with my 1st baby I had excruciating pain.  Because though my labor was 3 hours, the nurses had me labor on my back, as I was told not to push until the doctor came.  He was expecting a 10 or more hour labor. Again with my 2nd baby in 1977, I was forced onto my back, this time with my hands tied to my side.  No explanation was given. But through the ordeal I kept hearing my grandmothers voice about the reasons she knew that caused pain. What the doctors and nurses had me do on my back is the number one reason in a hospital that women experience pain. And after having those experiences I was determined to have a baby where I was not treated with such insensitivity, violated, and abused.

With my 3rd & 4th babies in 1987 & 1989 I was able to stay off of my back, not painful, but still uncomfortable before finding positions that really worked. This doctor was very supportive and even told me that I made labor and childbirth look easy.  She encouraged me to teach childbirth education classes. 

When my youngest daughter turned 5 years old I began a journey of study and training in childbirth with the emphasis on learning about reducing the risks of pain and possibily eliminating pain altogether.  I became a Certified Doula & Childbirth Educator from "Birth & Bonding International".  Then I studied massage therapy and nutrition and received my Certification in Wholistic Health Education as a Massage Therapist from "National Holistic Institute".  From there with my 5 year old and 7 year old daughters at my side I studied midwifery and became an apprentice to a senior traditional homebirth midwife "Renassiance Women Midwifery" where I learned the other reasons for pain.  I learned how to remove the contributors of pain that showed up during pregnancy to avoid the pain it may lead to when labor comes. As an apprentice I specialized in pre-natal care: Mental, Spiritual, Emotional & Physical with the intake sessions heavily focused on healthy nutritional awareness.

Since 1991 I've taught mothers and their partners how my grandmama Lena taught me, without fear. And to accept the fact that birth can be a loving, nurturing, & empowering rights of passage process. There's a connection in what goes on in the mind and body of mother and how her baby perceives the world. And there's a big difference when care has been taken to give birth in a loving environment vs being born traumatized with fear, numbness, and then painful exams by strangers.

In 1997 I had my last child. It was a lot of work but not pain, during a 2 1/2 - 3 hour labor.  Incorporting the same tools that I taught my students to use i.e. essential oils, white candles, herbal teas, back massages, music therapy and breathing support I had a truly wonderful experience.  

Over the years I 've come to realize everyone does not want a pain-free experience, and no matter what... they will hold on to that belief. And though their complaints of discomfort and pain are challenging for me to listen to wisdom is teaching me that my classes and lessons are only for those who want to "Be Empowered And Naturally Prepared For Childbirth".

If we're going to be a part of the transformation of people in this world, we've got to empower our youth from the beginning of their life's conception, as a prayer entered into with loving hearts, positive intentions and a loving environment, surrounded by loving people!  


  • Bath-sheba: Mother of Solomon
  • Hannah: Mother of Samuel
  • Aahemes-Nefetari: Mother of Aahmes, Amenhotep
  • Hatshepsut: Mother of Nefrure
  • Maryam: Mother of Isa (Jesus)
  • Nandi: Mother of Shaka
  • Tiye: Mother of Akhenaten & Tutankhamen (Tut)
  • Hoelun: Mother of Genghis Khan  

Topics can be mixed from another series to specialize for a pregnant mom's needs or concerns

WTWTN Childbirth Class

  • Prenatal Gestational Age For.
  • 2 Hour Sessions:
  • [__] 1st    Pregnancy ...........
  • Begin: Gestational   Age: 16-20 Weeks


  • [_] 2nd+ Labor Review..........
  • Begin: Gestational Age: 30-34 Weeks


  • [_] Wholistic Doula Training:
  • For Apprentices & Certified Doulas Only

[_] 4. Heartfelt Emotions: Aromatherapy, and Tonal Chakra Balancing thru the childbearing year

[_] Healthy Nutritional Awareness:
For Pregnancy Week By Week

[_] 5. Labor Dancing:
Moving with music in natural positions

[_] 6. "OM" Meditation Toning:
Relaxation & breathing through chakra colors

[_] 7. Expectations & The Unexpected:
Making a "Birth Plan" Questions to ask to reduce the risks factors for "preventable" emergencies. 

[_] Bonding With Baby:
Environments that reduce the risk for anxiety & depression

[_] 8. Childbearing Year Support Team:
Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum Care with Midwife, Doula,  Lactation Consultant Birthworkers Resource List,

Family, Friends, and Community

[_] 9. Tender Loving Care:
Preparation of the mind & body for nursing

[_] 7. Expectations & The Unexpected:
Making a "Birth Plan" Questions to ask to reduce the risks factors for "preventable" emergencies. 

[_] 10. The Gift Of Intimacy:
Rebuilding The Relationship. Resuming & enhancing sexual relations creative & responsibly 


Reference Material & Recommended Reading For Class:

  • "Environmental Influences Human Brain Growth"
  • How To Create The Perfect Baby By R. Swinburne Clymer M.D.,
  • Wise Woman Herbal For The Childbearing Year By Susun S. Weed  Chapters cover herbal fertility agents and herbs for birth control; safe, simple home remedies for the common complaints of pregnancy; alternative medicines for complications of labor and delivery; and effective remedies for the distresses of newborns and new moms. .  
  • Aromatherapy The Guide To Plant and Flower Essences For Health and Beauty By Daniele Ryman
  • Unlock Your Creative Potential, Mind, Music and Imagery By Stephanie Merritt
  • Love Is In The Earth, A Kaleidoscope Of Crystals By Melody



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  • Natural Medicine For Children By Julian Scott, PH.D.
  • CHILD BIRTH ORGASM : Best Kept Secret of Labor? | SEXUAL CONTENT | ABC News 20/20
  • The Tao Of Sexology By Dr. Stephen Chang,

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