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KNOWLEDGE OF SELF: Mathematical Code Blueprint
[__/_] Inner Child: ........ Emotions, talents, friendship

[__/_] Life Purpose: .... Develop skills for “Building”

[__/_] Destiny: ............... Area of opportunities & skills

[__/_] Heart: .................. True motivation



[]1:Creativity/Confidence: (SUN) 10,19,28,37,46,55,64,73,82,91

LEADER: Originality, Leadership, Pioneer, Initiator, Determination, Creative. Shadow: Insecurity, addictions, arrogance, manipulating, dominating, egotistical, selfish, dominating, cold, no tact, tyranny, antagonism, bully Get a moment of clarity, collect thoughts before speaking.

Leader type, strongly individualized, must have the right to think & act on one’s own ideas. Encouraged to devise new & original methods, & create. You must refuse limitations, while at the same time learn how to cooperate without losing the individuality needed to lead, control & direct. Channel creative energy into classical arts: music, acting, dancing, writing, painting, sculpture.

•Educational Studies: design, fine arts, math, music, science, writing

•Technological Advances: computer animation, lasers, virtual reality


  • [_] ambassador,
  • [_] aviator,
  • [_] comedy writer,

Creative works of all kinds:

  • [_] designer
  • [_] director,
  • [_] documentary video maker,
  • [_] engineer,
  • [_] entrepreneur,
  • [_] executive,
  • [_] explorer
  • [_] head of business,
  • [_] inventor,
  • [_] leader,
  • [_] lecturer,
  • [_] metal artist,
  • [_] newspaper columnist,
  • [_] officer in military,
  • [_] photojournalist,
  • [_] portrait painter,
  • [_] producer of motion pictures
  • [_] professional sports,
  • [_] program planner,
  • [_] promoter,
  • [_] resume writer,
  • [_] sales manager,
  • [_] sculptor,
  • [_] store owner,
  • [_] television or theatre productions,
  • [_] film or literary critic

KARMIC: 19/1

Losses have to do with wasting energy and time. You get out of life what you put into it. In a past time something was taken and now it must be paid back. There was a former misuse of power. This area brings exposure of secret thoughts. Resist the urge to be dependent or feel weak. Must stand up for yourself while maintaining your connection to others. You attract love and money in this life’s dimension. Many turns in your life will require new beginnings. You must master your emotions so that the upheavals and uncontrolled impulses do not cause material loss and failure.

There is energy for:

  • [_] Good marriage
  • [_] Contentment in the home
  • [_] Material happiness
  • [_] Honor and esteem

Your leadership talents would be best utilized in public service. You will be the head of projects as the organizer, director or manager. Because of your ability and effectiveness of expression with words, consider being a speaker or lecturer.

Drawn to:

  • [_] Art
  • [_] Science
  • [_] Agriculture
  • [_] Nature
  • [_] Simple Pleasures Of Life

You can overcome any obstacle. In order to do this you must

  • [_] Collect
  • [_] Synthesize
  • [_] Regenerate past errors Into attitudes which assure your future success.

Have faith and creativity to constantly renew aspects of living often ignored by others. This will ensure your continuous growth.

  • [_] Endurance
  • [_] Look past your own needs to the needs of others
  • [_] Refrain from self-pity
  • [_] Tolerance
  • [_] Work towards independence


  • [_] Domineering
  • [_] Dependency
  • [_] Feeling weak
  • [_] Leading a double life: (creating positive image while living in secrecy falsity, deceit)
  • [_] A spiritual fall. Courage is being tested.

The best thing about this season is... Hmmm, that's a tough one. There's so much I like that picking just one thing seems disingenuous to the other favorites.

  • [] 1 Dislikes restraints of any kind, needs to feel free in order for individuality to be expressed. Has a desire to be the first & the best at whatever chooses to do. Assertiveness will tend to alienate others who are not secure within themselves. Able to solve problems creatively & constructively. Extremely stubborn when becomes attached to their plans. Will get angry or frustrated when things are not developing as fast as anticipated. Determination is the key to success.


  • [] 10: Insight & Illumination: In The World But Not Of It Possessing the powers of the Mystics qualifying self through manifestation of: Honesty, helpfulness, fairness, justice. Developing traits of sharing & cooperation. Assisting in the expansion of Cosmic ConsciousnessHas a talent for influencing & bringing peers together. Leads others, without having to be frustrated by routine activities. A spiritual mission. Will be able to easily attract the things that others may have to struggle for. Understands the feelings & needs of others. Confident take one step at a time while accomplishing goals. Must live according to dreams.


  • [] 19: Expressive with words. Art, science, agriculture, nature, & the simple pleasures of life may be appealing. Courage tested. There may be opportunities and/or problems around public careers. A need to stand up for viewpoints. Choices made may affect not just the present circumstances, but one's whole lifetime. A desire to be noticed, but will also show signs of being fearful of having too much attention drawn to oneself.


  • [] 28: There may be an interest in scientific procedures. Have a positive direct approach to life, has the ability to see things as they really are. The powers of vision and the ability to translate dreams into tangible products. The abilities to inspire others, being kind, and being generous will bring the much success and satisfaction.


  • [] 37: Mature and reserved. Travel is very intriguing. Having work or projects dealing with foreign service would be of interests.Very protective of home and family. Home is a secure place for happiness. Choose a partner who would be a great help toward your success. Business as well as religion are areas which will allow for your gifts to promote goodwill.


  • [] 55: Master New Thought Forms: Telepathy, Prophecy A mediator who strives to promote a stream of life between Higher Consciousness & the developing self. Expands spiritual consciousness for spiritual insights. Visualizes future accomplishments for the benefit of humanity. Gifted in listening to the problems of others & how to offer new patterns of thought in advising of walking the lighted path to attain spiritual goals. Ability to utilize gifts of mental telepathy, astral projection, & prophecy. Expand spiritual consciousness to spiritual insights.


  • [] 100/1: Insight & Illumination: In The World But Not Of It Possessing the powers of the Mystics qualifying self through manifestation of: Honesty, helpfulness, fairness, justice. Developing traits of sharing & cooperation. Assisting in the expansion of Cosmic Consciousness

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